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Tell ’em you love ’em

3 new romantic ways to say ‘I love you’

‘¢ Ti amo (Italian)
‘¢ Je t’aime (French)
‘¢ Te amo (Spanish)

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Q & A

Is he cheating?

Q: My boyfriend has started spending more and more time at work. Sometimes he comes home as late as 10 or 11. Recently, he told me he had to start working more weekends too. I’m not usually paranoid and don’t really want to start behaving that way…but should I be worried?

A: Sometimes we do jump to conclusions when our partners begin spending extended amounts of time in the office – especially when they are passing more hours with colleagues than at home with us. One way to put your mind at ease is to drop in on him one evening when he’s working late — give him a nice surprise by taking him dinner! Once you’re there you’ll get a sense of whether he’s hard at work or just pulling the wool over your eyes. Read more in signs of an affair.

How to impress her…

  • If you don’t normally cook, make her breakfast one morning out of the blue.
  • Send her flowers at work on a Tuesday – just because!
  • Clean the bathroom…several weeks in a row.
  • Tell her she needs to be pampered…and take her for a pedicure.