As just about any single on the market can attest, first dates can be both exciting and extremely nerve-racking. What to do? Where to go?…All of a sudden decision making becomes overwhelming and difficult. The pros and cons involved in planning that perfect first encounter can weigh down on you like a ton of bricks.Online-dating presents even greater challenges. On top of all the usual pressures, you haven’t actually even met your date yet. To relieve some of that stress, here’s a few quick ideas to get your creative first date juices flowing. Remember, it shouldn’t be all stress…it’s supposed to be fun too!

First Date Ideas

‘¢ Check out a festival or fun local event

‘¢ Go wine tasting

‘¢ See a sports match (If there is a sport you have in common, e.g. tennis, how about playing a game?)

‘¢ Roam around a museum

‘¢ Join a day-long community volunteer project

‘¢ Take a hot air balloon, go boating, drive go-carts, etc. if you both are a bit on the adventurous side

If you still can’t decide, try picking a good date movie

Send us your ideas

Trivia: The 1998 film, You’ve Got Mail, features Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks engaging in an online (email) relationship