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St. Patrick’s Day For Singles

Erin go braugh, Ireland forever, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is a holiday just made for parties, filled with drinking green beer and hanging out with friends. It seems everyone is “Irish for a day” on St. Patrick’s Day, making it one of the top reasons (or excuses, depending on your perspective) to go out and have fun.

Unlike many other holidays where the emphasis is on that “special someone” (think Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and of course Valentine’s Day), the very nature of St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun, fun, and more fun. This makes it a terrific opportunity for singles to get out of the house, get out on the town, and simply enjoy themselves for the evening.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do on St. Patrick’s Day, a quick look through the local paper or events calendar should be all it takes to find something appealing. Many communities have activities underway all day long, from fun runs in the morning to parades in the afternoon to concerts, dances, and beer gardens in the evening and into the night. Grab a friend (or even better, a group of friends) and head out to whatever event or activity strikes your fancy. Approach the evening as a chance to relax and have fun without the pressure of being on a date or having to interact with just one person. Laugh, play, dance, sing karaoke….whatever you want to do because it’s a day to celebrate the spirit and joyous approach to life of the Irish people.

Just remember, if you’re planning to drink alcohol don’t drive; designate a driver to make sure everyone can have a terrific time and get home safely at the end of the evening!

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