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eHarmony Welcomes Gay, Lesbian, And Bisexual Singles

Online dating for specialty groups of singles has exploded in recent years, especially for gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles. One of the biggest online dating services,, however, was accused of discriminating against this group of singles and faced a series of lawsuits over their practices. These lawsuits were recently settled and now eHarmony is more openly welcoming gays, lesbians, and bisexual singles to their services.

The lawsuits alleged that did not do enough to provide visible and appropriate dating services to this large and diverse group of singles, and in fact suggested actively discriminated against gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles who attempted to join the community. After a little over two years of negotiating, though, has agreed to be more proactive about serving this audience of singles and also be more forthright about displaying and providing easy access to their gay, lesbian, and bisexual dating services.

So what does this really mean? The most readily apparent change is that will make links to their gay, lesbian, and bisexual dating services more visible and accessible from the main web site. For instance, on the home page there are currently links to other specialty dating services for seniors, Christians, Hispanics, African Americans, etc.; under the terms of the lawsuit settlement the home page will now display an equally prominent link to a specialty dating service (actually an entirely separate site called Compatibile Partners) for gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles.

This is a big win for singles of all types, as it means even the largest online dating sites cannot use their size and influence to discriminate against specialty groups of singles. Now everyone can expect to receive equal treatment and equally convenient access to the online dating services best suited to their needs.

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