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Is Your Perfect Date a Perfect Con Artist?

When you’re looking for your Romeo or your Juliet, online dating can be a great starting point. But once you’ve met the ‘perfect’ one for you, does this mean that you need to start paying them too?

Just like any online site, trusting in someone else’s identity online can be a tricky thing. Since you really can’t verify that ‘Romeo’ is who he says he is or that ‘Juliet’ really does live where she says she does, online dating sites have become the next place that con artists are popping up. By pulling you in with promises and proclamations of love, you can begin to feel that you have found your perfect mate…and then they want you to wire money to them.

Here’s the thing, yes there are situations in which this person may very well need the money they’re asking for. They might also really want you to help them out, but when it comes to sending a lot of money to someone you don’t know, you are probably just being duped into the latest scam. Though it may not be as obvious as the Nigerian scam, you need to be suspicious of anyone asking you for money.

You also want to be on the lookout for anyone that wants you to cash any checks, hold any goods, etc. While you might really trust the other person, you may also become an unwitting member of a crime – and that’s not what love is for.

If you begin to feel that the person you’re talking to may be a scam artist, let your online dating website know so they can take action. If you still have concerns, you can alway choose one of the dating services that pre-screen members which ensures that they are who they say they are. Take a look at or for examples of such sites.

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