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Is Your Online Dating Solution?

Based in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is offering all online daters the chance to get something for nothing – love. With no fees and no gimmicks, this online dating service is taking the game out of the online dating game and helping people actually meet each other.

With standard features like email and photo-sharing, looks like any other online dating service. Users can also save their searches and browse other profiles. And this is not limited to the United Kingdom. Daters can look for partners in other countries, as well as their own. In fact, in the future, is going to offer free translation services for those from the Ukraine, Russia, or Latin America.

While the site is nothing fancy to look at, it certainly fulfills its purpose – to match dates up from differing countries. You can also simply post a profile to meet someone that shares a hobby with you or just for a friend that you can talk to.

Many other online dating sites seem to focus more on giving you plenty of gimmicks and features that you couldn’t possibly use or that take so much time to learn that you might forget that you’re supposed to be finding someone to date in the first place. Why waste your money and your time when you can get back to the basics of online dating? may just be your last stop.

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