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Top Rated Dating Sites For Single Parents

It’s never easy to be a single parent. Along with all of the difficult issues that come with parenting alone (or sharing responsibilities with an ex), add in the challenges of getting back into the dating scene and you start to get an idea of the uphill battle so many single parents face.

Online dating sites (especially those targeted squarely for single parents) have taken a lot of the stress and difficulty out of dating for this unique group of singles. Finding someone to go out with who understands what it’s like to deal with single parenthood every day can be a huge thing; it gives you common ground to talk about and a common set of responsibilities to keep in mind when planning your dating activities.

What’s more, when you choose an online dating site for single parents you’re going to connect with others who don’t mind the fact that you have children – something that you cannot say for sure with other more general dating sites! And because many single parents also face financial challenges, dating sites for single parents typically make it relatively easy and affordable to get back into dating without breaking the bank.

Some of the top rated dating sites for single parents include:

If you’d prefer to stick with a dating site that is broader (,, etc.) be sure to choose one that offers you the option of noting that you’re a single parent and allows you to focus on other single parents as your potential matches. With a bit of research and effort, every single parent can find the right online dating site to meet their unique needs!

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