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Online Dating Turning into Something Darker?

While online dating is a great way to meet new people to date, it seems that some online dating sites are taking dating into the dark side. It seems that the idea of a ‘sugar daddy’ is now becoming the focus of some dating websites – but is this a good thing?

In truth, the idea of online dating is a mutual arrangement in which both parties benefit from the transaction – they’re both in it for the date, and if that’s the result, the transaction is successful. But by adding the idea of receiving gifts as a result of dating someone, the goal of online dating is somewhat obscured. Isn’t the goal supposed to be finding love rather than finding wealth or gifts?

For some women and men, it seems that meeting a rich person is their top priority, above and beyond traditional things such as love, friendship and sharing things in common. And these folks are not ashamed to admit it. This new type of online gold digger may be a young and ambitious person, who realizes that they will be unable to fulfil their dreams of a lavish lifestyle through their own efforts. And for those women, and a growing number of men seeking rich women, there’s plenty of dating services out there willing to help them.

This is where online dating is headed for some folks. With sites out there for those seeking arrangements and those that cater to women looking for rich men, the idea of ‘ordering’ your relationship with all of its benefits is the newest trend. For example, take a look at sites such as,, or

The idea of this, however, is causing other dating websites to look, well, dull. By ‘just’ offering love and romance, some daters are finding that they’re not really getting anything more out of this kind of dating experience than they would from the bar scene. And if you’re just going to find poor matches for dates, why not go to a site where you can get material things for your troubles?

Is this the answer for online daters? Only time will tell. But when you want to find love and romance, you should be looking for more than just their checking account balance – because money runs out eventually.

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