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On Get Out Your Credit Card

With a target of one million online dating subscribers, is a aiming to be a giant in the online dating market. But with their newly renovated dating site and additional features, this is a business that knows when it’s time to make some changes.

Starting March 20, 2007, all dating members will need to pay a yearly $29.95 fee for their subscription. Until then, the site will be free, aside from premium services that have always been available for paying members.

Why the sudden change? It seems that feels that the following features offer more value than other competing websites – and with the fees Luvoo hasn’t charged, they’re missing out on a lot of profits:

By turning over their business to a fee-based plan, members will have access to all of these upcoming features as well as to the millions of other members on their site.

Does Luvoo think that business will change because of the fees? There is some speculation that this will be the case, but most of the company feels that this can only increase their subscriber numbers as they will be offering more on their dating site without the high monthly payments of other competitors. At only $2.50 a month, this is a very reasonable price.

Will other dating sites follow suit? This is something that will have to be monitored over the next year or so. But until then, if you’re a Luvoo member, you might want to get your credit card ready.

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