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Halloween Fun For Singles

This year Halloween falls on a Saturday night, which means there will be parties galore to attend. From organized events sponsored by local organizations to in-home parties put together by friends or co-workers, there are plenty of options for singles to have tons of Halloween fun.

If you’re just in the early stages of dating someone, look for a party that’s sponsored by a local organization of some kind. Radio stations are famous for hosting Halloween bashes, and so are other organizations like churches, bars and restaurants, non-profit charities, and the like. Each of these parties is going to have a slightly different atmosphere so pick the one that’s going to be most comfortable for you and your date.

Radio station parties – Usually loud and crowded; lots of dancing and often an assortment of games and other activities (with prizes) throughout the night

Bars and restaurants – Can also be loud and crowded, depending on the size of the place and the type of crowd it attracts; may or may not have dancing, games, and other activities; nearly always has specials on food, drinks, appetizers, and the like

Churches – These are often family-style events where parents and kids participate equally; many larger churches, though, also sponsor singles parties and/or adult parties for a safe and fun Halloween. Likely to be more sedate than other parties, in an atmosphere that is more focused on social interaction

It’s a good idea to talk with your potential date in advance about what kind of party he or she would be most comfortable attending. Choosing the right party is a great way to spend time with someone new and be assured there will be plenty of activity to keep you occupied throughout the evening!

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