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Should Online Dating Be Controlled by the Government?

Just as when you used to go out on dates in your teen years, there is a question of whether or not you need a ‘chaperone’ to help you as you enter the online dating world. Recent legislation is trying to control the dating site’s responsibility to let their users know that background screenings and other security measures may not be effective in all cases.

The plus side of this bill is that it might cause online daters to be more aware of their behaviors in terms of talking with strangers on the site. If you were to be told that people on the site might be lying to you, perhaps it would be more effective than having to remember that fact yourself.

On the other hand, knowing that the site isn’t necessarily doing the background checks that they claim to do can also be bad for their business. Sites might not make this information readily available to new and old users, causing the legislation to be useless in terms of its initial intentions.

The question of personal responsibility has come up many times in relation to conversing with others on the ‘net. Do you always trust what you hear and see or do you become skeptical of everything? It’s a tricky discussion with clear sides and yet no real answers.

Perhaps the only solution is to create rules for yourself when you’re entering the dating world. By taking the time to get to know a person before actually meeting them or sharing your personal information, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

And not require the help of the government to get a ‘real’ date.

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