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Dating Sites For Married People

It was inevitable, I guess. Online dating is a huge, huge industry, providing singles of all backgrounds and preferences the opportunity to connect with each other for the purpose of dating and having a relationship. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, then, that online dating sites for married people are rapidly growing in size and popularity.

Regardless of where you come down on the moral side of this issue, there’s no denying the power of the internet to make it fast and easy for married people to find willing partners outside of their marriage relationship. The most famous of these sites is probably (read the full review), a website that has become huge since its launch in 2001.

These kinds of sites cater to the “special needs” of married people, offering services such as anonymous messaging, identity protection, discreet credit card billing, and the like. They also talk very frankly about the risks associated with using their website to connect with a potential lover, not the least of which is the damage such activity can do to an existing relationship and the unintended consequences it can create. Most include suggestions about seeking relationship counseling before considering using their services, but I think that’s mostly to cover themselves from a liability standpoint.

Right or wrong, websites like do exist and continue to thrive. While individuals have to make the personal choice about whether or not to use them, the online dating industry as a whole needs to be very cautious about “accepting” these sites as legitimate because they have the potential to damage the reputation of online dating overall.

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