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Breaking Up Facebook Style

Social networking websites are an integral part of today’s online dating scene, both as resources for finding potential partners and communication tools for sharing relationship information with your circle of friends. All of this connectivity is generally a pretty good thing, at least as long as your relationship is in good standing.

But what happens if your relationship ends? How have Facebook and other social networking websites influenced the way people break up in today’s world?

It’s not unheard of for one person to break up with their partner via Facebook rather than doing it face to face. As cold as that seems, for some people it seems perfectly natural to use social networking for that purpose; they use it for all of their other communication purposes, so why not use it to end a relationship?

Even if the break up does occur face to face, Facebook and other social networking sites often create situations where the hurt (and hurtful actions) can continue to go back and forth for a very long time. How quickly does he change his status to single? How fast does she take down the pictures of him from her page? When will either of them post new pictures of a new love interest, and how will each of them react to this action? And we haven’t even begun to talk about the issue of friends choosing sides over whatever happened to cause the relationship to end.

Overall, the best advice I can give you is to avoid using Facebook or any other social networking website to break up with a partner or to get back at a partner following a break up. Although it might be very tempting, keep in mind that the hurt this approach can cause will nearly always create even more issues and problems down the road.

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