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Spring Fever Is Contagious

With all of the media sensationalism over the recent coronavirus outbreak, it’s easy to start feeling a bit paranoid about getting out there and meeting new people. Those pictures of people walking around wearing surgical masks and the daily briefings with a “sky is falling” theme are downright scary.

Fortunately, it seems the outbreak may be contained. There is another sickness going around, though, and this one has no cure.

It’s called Spring Fever. It’s extremely contagious. And there’s no cure except to get outside, get active, and let it run its course.

Spring is a natural time for singles to feel energized about finding a new partner and it comes with plenty of opportunities for doing just that. If you find yourself suffering from this seasonal affliction, here are five great ways to get through it and even share it with others:

1. Join a co-ed softball team sponsored by the local parks & recreation department.

2. If you have a dog, take it to the nearest dog park on a regular basis.

3. Get outside in the evenings after work and go for a walk.

4. Sign up for an outdoor class like kayaking, fishing, or the like.

5. Sign up for group golf lessons and make a point of playing the local par-3 course at least once per week.

These may sound kind of silly or even ho-hum, but I guarantee that you’ll find yourself having some fun, enjoying the spring a bit more, and perhaps even meeting other singles like yourself along the way.

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