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The Recession Increases Your Chances of Finding Love… Really

For one moment, stop looking at your stocks and your 401K – it’s bad out there. And it’s getting worse by the moment.

But perhaps there’s a bright spot in all of this gloom and doom.

When people are feeling low, they naturally look for ways to get themselves into a better mood. And what better way to break a funk than to look for love? People want to be with others and this can boost your chances of finally finding someone to share your life with.

Just look at the online dating world and the singles crowd in your town. You’ll see more and more people signing up and hooking up.

Things might be bad out there, but you can find someone to share your woes with and someone who not only understands, but who is also looking for something to celebrate in their lives – and that something might be you.

So, instead of hiding under a rock until 2010 (or whenever things are going to look up again), you might want to start getting out more for singles meets and signing up for online dating services. You may just find that riches are more than just the totals of your retirement accounts. Perhaps love really is what conquers all – recessions included.

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