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Dating During the Holidays

Getting a date is one thing, but starting to date during the holidays can be a tricky thing to handle. Do you go over to her/his house? Do you bring a gift for your date? What are your obligations?

The holidays are an emotional time for anyone, but this also doesn’t mean that you should avoid them altogether in order to save yourself from dealing with them entirely. What you’ll want to do is take a breath, think about what the holidays are really about and then you’ll make the right decision.

First of all, the holidays are about giving and sharing. This is a time of celebration, so take advantage of the parties that you’re invited to. These will give you a great opportunity to have low stress dates where you can mingle and talk just a little, no pressure on either of you to maintain a longer conversation.

If you’ve been going out for a few weeks, you may want to pick up a small gift for your date. Something like movie tickets can provide both of you with a reason to get together again or something that you can keep in case your date decides to call things off before the gift exchange day.

What you may want to realize is that the holidays can be a difficult time for everyone, but by going with the flow and just having fun as you would with anyone else, you and your date might just make it into the New Year.

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