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How to be Confident

It’s no secret that many women are attracted to confident men. Just ask any woman what she finds attractive in a man, and chances are that confidence and self assurance will be high on her list. Very few women are attracted to men lacking confidence or with low self esteem. Being shy or introverted can be a real handicap when it comes to approaching women. So why is this so? Why is confidence so important to women? In these days of equality, you’d think that this would have less significance. After all, men aren’t so fussy. Well, the modern world may have changed, but when it comes to finding a partner, our desires are pretty much the same as they were centuries ago.

To a woman, a man’s confidence is one indication of his status. He can speak his mind knowing that others will listen. Men who have high self-esteem often have the respect of others. A confident man makes a women feel attractive and sexy, while men who are too submissive or lack the confidence to speak their mind will sadly have a hard time getting noticed.

Confidence is about how you feel about yourself. A lack of confidence can nearly always be traced to feelings of self-doubt and low self esteem. You may be a “nice guy”, but if you’re failing at the first hurdle when approaching women, it could very well be down to your lack of confidence. People who appear the most confident are not necessarily better, more intelligent, or more attractive than those who lack confidence. People that appear outwardly confident may have insecurities and fears just like the rest of us. However the difference is that they believe in themselves.

Given that this can be make-or-break for many women, it’s worth putting in a little effort to help improve low self esteem. Anyone can be more confident with a little effort and a little practice. There’s some excellent advice online, for instance the website has many self help articles and confidence boosters, and there’s even an online course that you can take.

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