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Can You Get Over the Stigma of Online Dating?

While online dating continues to grow and to mature, it still is getting picked on by society. You may have heard that it’s cheesy, it’s ineffective, and those who find dates online are somehow desperate.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

No one out there thinks twice about finding a job online or about shopping for the perfect belt online – but society still thinks online dating is strange? It doesn’t really make sense anymore.

We are a world that has turned to online dating in order to make our lives easier, not because we are desperate. We have turned to online dating just like the world has turned to social networking sites to interact with people from grade school.

But if you still cling to the idea that online dating is somehow lesser than ‘real ‘dating, you’re probably going to encounter some troubles along the way.

The truth is that online dating still has a bad rep because those people haven’t tried it or they’ve had one bad experience with an online date. But just as with ‘real’ dating, you have your ups and your downs, your good dates and your horror stories.

To get over the stigma of online dating, spend more time in the message boards, not only taking with prospective dates, but also talking with people who are dating others. You are all in this together – and you are on a new frontier of love, exploring and finding out that relationships are possible, even when the landscape and the methods are different.

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