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Dating After Divorce

Couple kissingDating someone who’s been divorced can pose certain challenges, especially if that person is in some way still involved with their ex partner. While you might feel like this is all ‘excess baggage’ you can do without, you might be surprised that there can actually be advantages to such relationships.

Marriages end for many reasons, and it might not necessarily be because one side or other was at fault. For example, people who marry very young often find that they drift apart as they get older because their priorities and expectations are no longer the same as when they first met. Often we need to have more than one relationship to know who our best partner is when we find them.

A person who is divorced has had at least one deep relationship, and hopefully they have learnt from their mistakes, and will now be in a better position to know who’s right for them. As with any relationship, there are always things to watch-out for.

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