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Is Writing on Social Media about Your Online Dates A Good Idea?

People write on social media about everything and everyone it seems these days. From politics to their cats, it seems that social media has become the best way to communicate your feelings about every possible subject – even if no one is listening.

If you continually talk down your ex partners and dates on social media, others with rightly wonder if they’re going to get the same treatment from you.

But with this ability to converse comes a little responsibility – after all, if you’re writing about your dates and publishing their photos and anyone can read about them, you might end up with unwanted attention. Not only that a long line of suitors that might run away before you even meet them.

If you’re going to discuss your online dates online, you need to know a few things:

Posting updates on your social media pages can be a great way to release stress during the online dating process, but it can also hurt you. When you think about writing, think about what you want a prospective date to read – because they will find you out. Eventually.

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