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Is Online Dating On Its Way Out?

Is it almost time to retire online dating with the Walkman and the hula hoop? Some critics think that it just might be. With the ever-present lying about one’s age, appearance, and even interests, online dating can be a world where you’re not sure who you’re talking to. Are you’re falling for a real person or a fantasy? But is that enough to dismiss online dating entirely?

I don’t think so.

Online dating allows people to stop getting in the way of what they want – true happiness, companionship, and perhaps even love. Behind the veil of the Internet, users can feel free to talk about their innermost desires and ideas without fear of in-person rejection. The anonymity online dating provides creates a safe system of talking with someone else, if even just for the entertainment of it.

What online dating also provides is a good way for people to try out the dating market after they’ve been gone for a while. It allows the user to feel more confident in what they can expect in these times. When people are open and uninhibited in response, it can create a new level of relationship that they might not have achieved otherwise.

But the true goal of online dating isn’t to remain online – it’s to meet up in person. As a springboard into that final frontier, online dating is making more people ready for the dating world, rather than less. Those that wouldn’t go out to bars and clubs in the first place can get their feet wet online.

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