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Online Dating Gone Wrong

But not all is happy and cheery in dating land, is it? There are plenty of horror stories that you have heard from your friends and siblings. The woman that picked her nose at the table or the guy that had nose hair that was longer than his moustache – these are people that you might meet. However, there are ways to deal with these hairy situations.

No pun intended.

There are going to be dates that don’t work out for either of you. And chances are good that if you’re uncomfortable, they will be too and realize that you’re lacking in chemistry. But the real question is whether you should cut and run early in the date, or stick it to see if there are some redeeming qualities that you might be missing.

Here are some signs that you should just end the date:

And here are some signs that you might want to stick it out:

In the end, you might be able to get past the nose hair, so unless there’s something painfully mismatched about your date, why not go the adventurous route and see if you might have found your new spouse?

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