Dating and Relationship Advice

Making Time to Date

Finding time has become somewhat of a talent in these hectic times. Though we want to have fulfilling relationships and make the most of our social lives, the truth is that there are other things that get in the way: our children, our work, and just life itself. But when you’re looking for that special someone, you need to start also looking for time to spend with them.

There are a number of ways to create time in your day, but one of the easiest ways to get out and date is to set up a time each week where you go out – no matter if it’s by yourself or with someone. It could be a weeknight, a weekend night or the middle of the afternoon. Take this time for yourself and guard it as sacred. That means that no social events, no work obligations, and no childcare will be taken care of during this time – emergencies are another matter. You will just take care of yourself during this time and start putting your needs first for a change.

Once you start taking this time for yourself, you’ll realize that you might want to spend it with someone – and now you have a time that you can tell them that you’re available!

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