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You Don’t Have to Meet Them, Do You?

The world of technology has opened up a whole new can of worms for dating situations. It might be months before you ever see anyone in person or you might not meet them for longer. Is there something wrong with this way of dating?

With all of the talk about internet safety and dating, you might be hesitant to meet that special someone, so why not take it off of the computer screen and into another medium – the phone?

While you might want to be a bit careful with the ever-present Caller ID systems (try getting an unlisted number or blocking your phone number before you talk), talking on the phone can give you a better sense of the person that you have been virtually chatting with. It will also bring a new level of interaction to your blossoming relationship and create a new level of intimacy as well.

There are also webcams that you can use to start seeing each other when you’re talking – if you’d like. The point is that when you’re not quite ready to meet someone, but you’re definitely interested in trying something new with someone that you’ve met, go get your phone out or look into free internet phone services.

You might be surprised to find that your phone calls add up to love.

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