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What Do You Want to Do?

Does this sound familiar?

What do you want to do? I don’t care, what do you want to do?

Too often we’re so afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decision about our dating plans that we’re settling for something that is either boring or no fun at all.

Or you’ve read the latest dating tips and wonder who is actually doing these activities.

Here are some realistic and inexpensive ways to really get a date off on the right foot – and have some fun in the process.

Head to the local park – Walking around is not only fun, but free. You could even pack a picnic for an afternoon date without being too fancy.

Think about your city like a tourist would – Scout out some of the local historical sites or museums. Everyone likes to learn about where they live, why not make a date out of it?

Head to your local bookstore – Everyone has something that they like to read whether it’s magazines or thick novels. Why not head to the look book ship, pick up a few cups of coffee and enjoy reading together? It’s cheap and it allows you both to get to know each other without feeling the pressure to talk nonstop.

In short, you can make a date out of anything that you do to have fun. Instead of limiting yourself with movies and dinner, why not get away from the other couples and try something different?

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