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Big Age Gaps Needn’t Stop Love!

Big age gaps needn’t stop love!

Michael Douglas (61), Catherine Zeta-Jones (36)

Harrison Ford (64), Calista Flockhart (41)

Brad Pitt (42), Angelina Jolie (31)

Cameron Diaz (34), Justin Timberlake (25)

These super-celebs have something more in common than just blockbuster fame.

With a 25, 23, 11, and 9 year respective age differential, these star couples have an added dimension heaped on the usual relationship difficulties. Each is trying to make love work despite the host of problems that come specifically with a rather large age gap.

Sure, there’s plenty to gain by getting together with someone from a different generation.

Think about it. Everyday you get the chance to be with someone who really has an entirely different perspective than you do. They’re from a different time and era. So naturally they see things differently than you. And adding some of this ‘new other perspective’ to your own way of viewing the world is a definite bonus.

But, yep…there’s a bunch of difficult stuff to deal with too.

Different ages mean the two of you’ll be living through completely different life cycles. This can translate into totally different interests and friends. Maybe you’ll even have to seriously start thinking about health issues (if your partner is older than you) much sooner than you otherwise would have. And if there are children involved from previous marriages – whoa! – you might have your hands full. (Kids often like to wreak havoc on a new wife that’s hardly older than they are).

What’s more? Other people will do their best to make things worse. They’ll stare, gossip…and generally try to make you feel as if you’re some kind of freak.

Forget them. Who cares what other people think anyway!
Focus instead on those who believe in you. True friends will understand the real nature of your love and encourage you.

To get over some of those other difficulties…try taking up a common hobby.

Michael and Catherine golf. Cameron and Justin surf. And Brad and Angelina seem to share a passion for just about any daredevil activity, from motorcycling to flying.

Granted – A common lifestyle (i.e. show biz) probably also helps.

When it’s true love, age really is trivial. Some days might be tough. But don’t be afraid.
Just go for it.

Veronika Cardes

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