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Signs of an Affair Can Be Tricky

Couple cheatingCheating partners may not seem like a big deal unless you suspect you might have one.

I just finished reading 46 Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair and it got me thinking. Just how many people are sneaking off with someone else?

The internet leads to all kinds of numbers on cheating. Some surveys found over 50% of the people polled to be unfaithful (both men and women!). Think that’s worrying? Consider this: studies done worldwide show that about 2 of every 10 of us were born as the result of an affair!

You can even find websites dedicated to catching cheating partners. If you’re thinking of dating somebody, maybe you want to check if they are a serial cheater! One of these sites is Woman Savers, which is a forum for women to “dish the dirt” on cheating men and inform whole world about them (photos included).

If all of this is so, and we generally have a number of partners throughout our lives, doesn’t this mean that at some point we have a cheater on our hands? And if we have one, do we know it? Or do we turn a blind eye?

Reflecting on the people in my own life, I realize that a great many of them or their partners have cheated in one relationship or another. Some are serial cheaters, but many have only done it once. No one is really immune!

Knowing what to look for – beyond just the classic lipstick on the collar sign – will help you be more aware. So have a look through these 46 clues.

A word of caution with stuff like this

You might panic thinking, ‘Number 3 sounds familiar. So do 6 & 10. And 14, 19, 25, & 40 too!’

But before you march off to declare your loved one an adulterer, wait a minute.

Ask yourself… could there be another explanation? Sometimes there is. It’s tricky, but remember that doing something rash could end-up hurting your relationship for no reason. People generally don’t take well to being accused of cheating, especially when they’re not.

This doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.
Just pay attention.

A particularly good piece of advice from the list is to observe how your partners’ friends and coworkers behave towards you. You can even extend this to relatives too. There’s a good chance that if your partner has stopped confiding in you, then s/he is talking to someone else. And while your beloved may be good at lying to you, others may have trouble doing so. But again, this can be tricky…and you must use a great deal of tact. Otherwise you risk damaging your rapport with these people if they sense you don’t trust your partner and are just hunting-down info.

If you haven’t yet reached the point of suspicion, then take action!
You can do something to limit the chances your partner might wander.

Whether you’ve been together for ten weeks or ten years…don’t forget that relationships always need some revamping to stay fresh. No matter how tired or busy you feel, putting extra effort into your relationship now (before an affair starts) will save you heartache down the road.

Don’t let things fizzle out.
Put some time into revitalizing your bond today.

Wishing you luck in love…
Veronika Cardes

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