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Suspect Your Partner of Cheating? 4 Signs You Don’t Want To Ignore

When you’re in a relationship, it’s not uncommon to get comfortable and into routines. When one partner starts changing on their own, it’s easy to think something more suspicious might be going on. Here are four signs your partner might be cheating.

  1. They suddenly want more alone time

You and your partner used to watch a couple hours of television and cuddle before bed, but suddenly they want to be alone. This is a red flag. While there is nothing wrong with some alone time, you know your spouse and if this is out of character, it’s important to take notice. If they don’t want you in the same room anymore, this is an indicator they don’t want you to see or hear what they’re doing.

If your partner has gone from not caring what they look like to spending a lot of time on their appearance, this could be a red flag.

  1. Their need for sex changes

If you and your partner have a healthy, regular sex life, and suddenly they aren’t as interested anymore, this could signal an affair. If your partner isn’t depressed, stressed, or dealing with another illness that may kill their sex drive, you don’t want to overlook this change in behaviour. If you go from being intimate three times a week down to once a week or less, it’s something you should discuss with your partner. Other intimacy changes may include less kissing, cuddling, and hand holding.

  1. Their appearance changes

If your partner has gone from not caring what they look like to spending a lot of time on their appearance, this could be a red flag. They might care more about the clothes they wear and have a complete change in style. They may also start working out and losing weight. If your partner doesn’t discuss wanting to take steps to look and feel better about themselves, this could be an indication of them not involving you in parts of their life. Couples often discuss things such as wanting to become more healthy.

  1. They are light on details

If your partner has become light on details about who they are going to see or when they’ll be back, this could be a sign they have something to hide. This is especially true if in the past they’ve always told you who they’ll be hanging out with and maybe inviting you along once in a while. If their friends are suddenly off-limits and they accuse you of being too controlling, this is a sign they could be cheating.

It’s wise to know the signs of possible cheating, but it’s also important to openly discuss any issues you’re noticing in your relationship before automatically assuming they are cheating.

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