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Tongue-Tied? Let Flowers do the Talking

It’s not always easy to express a heartfelt sentiment to someone who means a lot to you, but there are ways to communicate without words. When you want to share an emotion like love, flowers and greenery have the perfect language.

The language of flowers is based on traditional stories and literature. Here are some plants and an example of their symbolic meanings. Give one when you have something important to say.

Expressions of Sorrow or Loss

Do have a hard time saying you’re sorry? Flowers can do that for you. They can also help you tell someone you are feeling sad.

.   A purple hyacinth says, “I’m sorry, and I hope you will forgive me.”

.   Marigolds say, “I’m grieving.” Or “I am grieving with you.”

.   A lily of the valley says, “I’m sorry you’re sad. I’m wishing you happiness soon.”

.   A yew says “I am feeling sad.”

.   A lotus says, “I love you even though you are angry at me.”

.   Trumpet flowers say, “I hate being away from you.”

.   A cyclamen says, “Goodbye. I’m sad we cannot be together.”

.   A zinnia says, “I am missing someone special.”

.   A snowdrop says, “I’m sending you hope.”

.   An olive branch says, “Can we have peace?”

Expressions of Love

Once you know the language of flowers, you will never be at a loss for words.

There are many different nuances when it comes to love. Express your love in just the right way by choosing the right flower.

.   Use a honey flower to say, “I am your secret admirer.”

.   A purple lilac says, “I loved you at first site.”

.   A yellow hyacinth says, “I’m jealous. I want to be your only love.”

.   A rose of Sharon says, “I can’t stop myself from loving you.”

.   White roses say, “Your innocence makes me love you.”

.   Pink carnations say, “I love you, Mom.” Or “I love you like a mother.”

.   Clover says, “Please be my love.”

.   A peach blossom says, “I belong to you.”

Expressions of Sensual Love

Sometimes you want to share a little bit more than simple, pure love. Give one of these flowers to show your sensual feelings for someone.

.   A yellow iris says, “I am passionate about you.”

  1. A lady’s slipper says, “Come and take me away with you.”

.   A calla lily says, “You are exceptionally attractive to me.”

.   Mistletoe says, “Kiss me.”

.   A red camelia says, “There is passion for you in my heart.”

.   Dill says, “I lust after you.”

.   An orchid says, “Your beauty makes me weak.”

.   Witch hazel says, “You are under my spell.”

Expressions of Friendship

Use plants and flowers to tell a friend just how you feel and how thankful you are that they are a part of your life.

.   White tulips say, “I’ll be here for you.”

.   Hydrangeas say, “We understand each other.”

.   A purple iris says, “You are my friend.”

.   A yellow lily says, “Your friendship makes me happy.”

.   Phlox says, “Our souls are united.”

.   A chrysanthemum says, “Your friendship is so special to me.”

.   A daffodil says, “You have my respect.”

Expressions of Good Wishes

Do you want to wish someone good luck or best wishes for a bright future? One of these great plants will do the trick.

.   An orange lily says, “I hope the future is prosperous for you.”

.   A nasturtium says, “I wish you victory in your battle.”

.   An azalea says “Take care of yourself during your absence from me.”

.   An apple blossom says, “May you have good fortune.”

.   A peony says, “I hope your marriage is a happy one.”

.   A magnolia says, “Welcome home.”

.   A sweet pea says, “Goodbye and be well.”

.   A caladium says, “I hope you will always be happy.”

.   Bells of Ireland say, “May you have good luck wherever you go.”

The next time you want to express your emotions but don’t know exactly what to say, find a plant that says it for you. Once you know the language of flowers, you will never be at a loss for words.

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