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How To Woo A Socially Awkward Love Interest

People enjoy each other’s company for many reasons, and awkwardness is one of them. If your love interest feels uncomfortable in social situations, you should act carefully and think about the best way to start and continue a romantic relationship. While wooing a socially awkward person does take a unique skill set, anyone can learn how by reading the article below.

Don’t Overthink It

Many people don’t know how to approach socially awkward people and only think about making a mistake. Even worse, there isn’t a lot of advice out there that can help them win their love interest. Even though thinking about imaginary scenarios and problems sounds productive, it isn’t. Your relationship won’t change unless you act, so stop procrastinating!

Once you have a few solid strategies, go for it. Socially awkward people are surprisingly resilient and will appreciate your thoughtfulness. For example, tell them how you feel when you see them next. Then, if you find out they are in a bad mood, you can postpone your confession or send them an email they can digest on their own time.

While introverts do understand what others think and feel and why, they don’t always recognize social cues.

Take It Slow

Most people who struggle socially open up to new people slowly, and don’t feel comfortable interacting with new acquaintances or friends. Developing a strong relationship takes time, and they will only act defensively if you rush. Some people like directness, though, so learn about your love interest.

Ask direct questions about subjects that interest them, and let them answer at their own pace. Also, look for opportunities to confess your feelings. If you think asking them for a date is too direct, you can let them know how much you enjoy their company or unique quirks instead.

Be Direct

While introverts do understand what others think and feel and why, they don’t always recognize social cues. Or if they do, they might not return them. This can feel confusing, especially if you don’t already know how they feel about you. They might want to marry you someday, but unless you ask, you will never know. Introverts are also naturally thoughtful, and might not pursue a romantic relationship with you because of their own flaws.

If you want to start a romantic relationship with them, let them know. While you don’t have to plan out the entire conversation, you should know enough to make your case. They could say yes without explanation, but many will want to know more or talk about the practical realities of your relationship. If you think they have insecurities, havings answers will ease their fears and could convince them that you are a good romantic match.

Learn About Them

Many singles think social awkwardness is charming, but it sometimes makes it difficult to form friendships. Most awkward people are aware that they don’t handle some social situations well, and this makes them feel self-conscious and defensive. Getting through their emotional defenses is challenging but will become easier the more you learn about their social likes and dislikes.

Romance is a process and if you want to woo your awkward love interest quickly, use their friends. No one knows them better than they do, and their insights will not only help you appreciate your love interest even more, but will also give you the resources you need to earn a healthy relationship with them.

Romance is a process and if you want to woo your awkward love interest quickly, use their friends.

Embrace The Awkwardness

Awkwardness is just one of many characteristics that make each person unique, and it is easy to overlook how much joy and amusement it adds to people’s lives. If you admire a socially awkward person, you probably won’t avoid awkward moments of your own. But these can quickly become some of your fondest memories. Many couples laugh at their awkward encounters and love sharing them with friends and family.

Wooing a socially awkward love interest takes determination and courage, especially if you don’t know how they feel. But don’t worry, conquering their heart is easy if you embrace their awkwardness and friendship.

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