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5 Reasons Why Some Men Cheat on Their Wives

With so many women willing to have sex with married men, how can you keep your husband from straying? It might be easier than you think. If you look at five of the common reasons why men decide to cheat on their wives and try to get around them, you might just be able to keep your husband all to yourself.

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Here’s a look at these reasons along with suggestions on how to prevent them from turning your hubby into a cheater.

1. “I can get away with it.”

Some men are married to loving wives who always put their husbands first. The women never complain when their men come home late from work or ask if they can spend their anniversary at a sports bar. These wives might not even get mad at their husbands when they forget special dates like birthdays.

An ounce of prevention is sometimes all that you need. Even if it isn’t in your nature to get angry with your husband for doing something he shouldn’t, you need to make sure that there are some behaviors that you won’t accept. Have a heart-to-heart one day and talk about the type of activities that he shouldn’t participate in and ask him to do the same.

2. “My dad was a cheater, and it’s just something that men do.”

Growing up in a household where the father cheated on the mother sometimes creates the belief that this is how married couples act. If a man spends his childhood watching his father cheat on his mother, he might begin to think that this behavior is normal and expected by society.

In order for you to be aware that your husband’s dad was a cheater, you need to talk about the relationship his parents had early on in your marriage. Express your disappointment in such behavior and make it clear that you won’t tolerate it in your relationship. If you set the boundaries early on, it makes it easier for you husband to stay within them. You can also bring up your parent’s marriage, particularly if it was a strong one without any incidents of cheating.

3. “Cheating makes me feel desirable.”

When a woman flirts with a man, it can make him feel virile and attractive. It’s hard to resist that type of attention for some men. While there’s no permanent harm in participating in a few flirtatious moments, this type of behavior can lead up to an affair.

A man who strays because he wants to feel sexually desirable needs more attention at home. If you want your man to remain faithful to you, make sure that you feed his need to feel sexually attractive.

4. “You don’t care about me anymore.”

If your career, children, and family obligations are keeping you from spending time with your husband, he is more than likely to get the impression that you don’t love him anymore. A man who is lacking the attention that he craves is often going to find it elsewhere.

Find the time to spend a weekend with your husband. Make sure that you ask about his day frequently throughout the week. Discuss plans to do things together. All of this will let your husband know that you still care, even if you don’t have the time to spend with him each day.

5. “My wife thinks that I am cheating anyway, so maybe I should.”

If you constantly accuse your spouse of cheating, he is likely to experience resentment, especially if he hasn’t even thought about dong it before now. The more you accuse him, the more likely it becomes that he will start wondering if he should cheat on you.

Resist the urge to ask your husband if he is cheating on you or if he wants to have an affair. Instead, make the effort to spend more time with him. Ask if you can help out in any way so that he can get home earlier from the office. Most importantly, give him a reason to want to come home to you.

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