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How to Make the First Move on a First Date to Score Big Time

You have a first date coming up and you want to score big time. First, you’ll need to make the first move. If making the first move fills you with more anxiety than the actual date itself, you might need a quick primer on first date etiquette.

First date moves

The following will help you not only have a great time on your first date, but the first move will go off without a hitch. You might get a hug, a kiss or you might score big time. Of course, scoring can mean different things to different people. It might signify a second date, a second much longer kiss goodnight or it could mean, ahem… Regardless, here are those tips. Don’t forget the breath mints.

Give Yourself an Edge by Taking Care of Yourself

You will find the first move on a first date a much easier undertaking if you actually take the time to groom and dress yourself properly. Go out and get a haircut, get a good workout in, shave or at least trim your facial hair and make sure that your shoes are free of wear and scuffs. Trim your nails, put on some deodorant and prepare to have the night of your life.

Caring for your appearance will serve two purposes. Your date will be much more inclined to want to get close to you when you smell and look better, but you will also feel better about yourself. With improved confidence, making the first move will become something you just do, not something you worry about.

Plan the Perfect Night

You’ll also feel better about yourself if you know exactly what’s to come. Be the one who plans the date, figures out where the two of you are going and what you’ll be doing when you get there. Plan something fun and different, or simply go out to eat, or grab coffee. This depends on both of your personalities, but the date should be planned if you hope to make the first move much easier.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Make the First Move

The first move will come easier if your first date is kept short. Shoot for about 30-45 minutes. That way neither of you will get bored – hopefully – and you can move right from getting to know the person to getting your groove on. Here is how to do it.

Making Your Move When the Time is Right

If you two are having a good time, if the conversation is flowing and at least one of you is laughing, then that’s the perfect time to say goodbye. On a first date, you should always quit while you’re ahead. Doing so will give you both something to look forward to, which is having just as much if not more fun during the second date. It’s while your first date is coming to a close that you should make your first move.

The best way to make the move is just to go for it. Move in for the hug and then lean back slowly for the kiss. If the woman hugs you, rarely will she reject your kiss, particularly if you two just had a great time. Consider the hug the test and if you pass the test, go in for the kiss.

You can also try kissing the side of her neck to see how she reacts after the hug. You may like her reaction.

Of course, if the date goes badly, the first move is likely to go off like a turd in the punch bowl – in other words, not so great. But if there is agreement, laughter and good conversation, you only need to go in for the hug to find out just how she feels.

Make Plans for the Second Date

If the first move goes smoothly on the very first date, make a date for the second time the two of you will get together before you part ways. Of course, in some cases, the first move won’t end the first date, it will only keep it going. And in those instances, anything could happen. It all starts with a single move and now you know exactly how to make it.

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