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Make Flirting Fun

‘When you know how to flirt, you can pretty much get anything you want.’

That’s what my friend Chiara likes to say. Maybe there’s something to it since she’s one of the most successful flirts I know. And yes, she does get just about anything she wants. I suppose you probably know someone just like her.

So where does this talent for wooing others come from?

Chiara isn’t the most beautiful girl by ‘conventional’ standards, but she cultivates a certain amount of power through flirtation that gets everyone eating out of the palm of her hand.

How does she do it?

Well, first of all, she’s a bit of a tease with everyone and everything. Man, woman, whatever! Not only does she flirt with guys at work and in bars, but she also uses this subtle power to deal with waitresses in restaurants, female store clerks and even other women in her business dealings. When you think about it, flirtatious folk do more than just attract the opposite sex…they are people who know how to engage everyone they interact with. And they often are able to do it just by being slightly playful.

Ladies like Chiara are not the only ones doing this. Smooth operating male flirts employ similar tactics.

No need to worry if you aren’t too good at pulling this off yourself. There’s practically an entire science dedicated to flirtation as an art form. You can see ‘Flirting and Body Language‘ for some of the more specialized ways to improve your technique. And guys, if you’re confused about the signals you’re getting then “Top 10: Signs She’s Flirting With You” might come in handy.

While I recommend taking a look through these tips, REMEMBER…flirting is best when it’s playful, natural and fun! It’s more than just mastery of technical maneuvers. It’s also about how you feel and how you project that.

Feeling sexy, confident and genuinely having an interest in others will take you a long way!

So, make sure you actually feel sexy. Deck yourself out! You don’t have to go crazy everyday, but find a look that makes you feel powerful yet comfortable. One that’s easy to do daily.

Think back to days when you knew you looked great. After a fabulous new hairdo or while strutting around in some sleek new clothing. You likely behaved differently…more in control, confident and flaunting your new look. Others probably took notice too. Don’t forget that how you feel about yourself comes across to others. When you feel hot, then you ooze hot – and flirting comes quite naturally.

You don’t have to be obnoxiously overt and sexual at every single encounter with others. Rather, the best flirters are those who’ve learned to combine a sense of playfulness with confidence in their own sexuality.

Flirting should bring you closer to what you want. Not cause you more grief.
So make it fun!

Veronika Cardes

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