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5 Good Reasons To Date An Older Woman

dating_older_women_reasonsYounger men who enjoy dating older women is not a rare thing these days. Dating an older woman has many potential benefits. Here are five good reasons to date an older woman.

1. She doesn’t need you

An older woman has experience in life. She’s gone through the phase of feeling like she needs a man to make her happy. She’s probably had boyfriends that are bad for her and realized that she’d rather be alone than unhappy. This means when she’s dating you it’s because she wants to, which is much more flattering. A woman who doesn’t need you won’t be clingy and needy for your time and attention. She doesn’t need you for money, a place to live, or Friday night plans.

2. She’s confident

An older woman has probably dealt with most of her insecurities and won’t need your reassurance constantly. She won’t ask you repeatedly if she looks good because she feels good in her own skin. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compliment her. Every woman loves to hear that she looks good. An older woman simply won’t fish for compliments. When you go out together, she won’t be nervous when you’re not by her side. She’ll be able to hold her own and have conversations with other people.

3. She has her own life

An older woman probably has a lot going on in her life. She has her work, friends, family, and activities she’s involved in. This means that she won’t be clinging to you and expecting you to entertain her. She’ll probably even encourage you to go out with your friends. Younger girls might be more clingy or want to come along when you go out, but an older woman can be be without you.

4. She won’t play games

Older women are usually done playing the games that younger women play. She won’t wait for you to make the first move all the time. She will text you when she wants to and ask you out when she wants to. She doesn’t feel the need to sit back and wait around for you contact her. She doesn’t need to be chased to feel good about herself. She won’t social media stalk you and then blow up about your communication with other women. An older woman is more mature and knows how to deal with men better.

5. She’s more experienced in bed

A woman who has had more sexual experience knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. She won’t be insecure about her skills or her body. An older woman may also have a lot to teach you about sex and pleasure that you hadn’t experienced or even considered before.

Many young men are choosing to date older woman knowing the benefits. There’s no longer a stigma about younger men and older women dating, so don’t be afraid to go for it if a woman fifteen or twenty years older has caught your eye.

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