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4 Signs Your Relationship Is Not A Priority

cute_laptop_girlIt’s easy to assume that if you’re in a relationship with someone that you are a priority. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. You can be in a relationship that isn’t a priority to your boyfriend. The following are four signs that your relationship is not a priority.

1. Your boyfriend spends your time together on his phone

Whether you live with your boyfriend or not, quality time together is important for your relationship. If your boyfriend is always on his phone when he’s with you, he’s dividing his attention between you and other people.

When you’re on a date or enjoying dinner together, you should both put your phones away and focus on each other. Couples need to make the time to talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company without the constant distraction of emails, texts, and social media updates. If your boyfriend cannot go an hour or two without his phone in order to spend quality time with you, this is a sign that your relationship is not a priority to him.

2. Your texts go unanswered until he needs something

If your boyfriend ignores your texts and phone calls until it’s convenient for him or he needs something, this could be a sign your relationship is not a priority. We are all busy, but when you’re in a relationship, your texts should be answered in a timely manner. If several hours pass before you get a response and he doesn’t acknowledge anything you said, this is a sign you and your relationship aren’t a priority to him.

3. Your boyfriend has time for everyone except you

If you ask your boyfriend to do something on the weekend and he says he can’t because he has no time and then a friend calls with plans and your boyfriend manages to shuffle things around, this is a sign your relationship is being taken for granted. He’s more willing to shuffle things around for someone else than for you. If your boyfriend won’t consider a vacation with you, but will quickly say yes to an invite from his buddies to go to a comic book convention four hours away. If your boyfriend has time for everyone but you, this is a sign that your relationship is not a priority.

4. Your boyfriend won’t discuss the future

If you have a good relationship, you might be ready to discuss the future with your boyfriend. If you’ve been dating for a year, it’s reasonable that you want to know if you’re heading in the same direction. Your boyfriend might not want to discuss things because things are going well and he doesn’t want to rock the boat. He might not be ready for more, but is nervous to tell you. If you and your relationship are important to him, he will be open and honest about how he feels and what he wants. If he continues to avoid discussions about the future, he might not consider your relationship a priority in his life.

A relationship should not be taken for granted by either partner, but sometimes things get too comfortable for one and the other feels pushed to the side. If you feel that you and your relationship are pushed to the side more often than not, your boyfriend might not consider you a priority.

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