Whatever your sexual orientation, you can always go to a regular dating site and look for a soul mate. On the other hand, there’s also an interesting group of “special purpose” websites that cater solely to the needs of LGBT: Namely, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual crowd. Are these websites any better and do they serve their purpose? I’ve been looking at some of these websites and came up with a shortlist of those that have stood the test of time.

My list, excluding the outright hookup spots like grindr, is:

  1. Outpersonals.comread more
    48,000+ users, 12% women / 88% men
  2. Gaycupid.comread more
    37,000+ users, 12% women / 88% men
  3. Bicupid.comread more
    11,000 members, 41% women / 59% men
  4. Pinkcupid.comread more
    23,000 users, 78% women / 22% men
  5. Pinksofa.comread more
    15,000 members, 95% women / 5% men



Outpersonals is the biggest of the LGBT websites. It’s a bit of a mixed-bag though because it doesn’t just cater to one group. Its members are gay, lesbian, bisexual and just about everything in between. As well as being the most populated, Outpersonals is also the naughtiest out there too. In fact it is more adult in nature than those below. You’ll regularly find people there looking for LGBT group dates, parties, and swinging encounters. Relationship seekers are certainly there but seem to be more on the fringes.

The website is owned by Friendfinder. While you can create your own photo profile and try the site before paying anything, there are a few restrictions. The first thing is that you can’t open another person’s profile and look at their photo album. This makes browsing around frustrating because you only get to see tiny thumbnail pictures. The other limitation is that you can’t send emails unless its to a paying member who has total access. On the plus, the live chat tool can be used for free.

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What you see is what you get here. You won’t find as many people on Gaycupid, but it is billed as a “male only” hangout. It’s for gay men looking for dates and hookups with other male company. Despite this, you do come across a few females on there who’re looking for unconventional relationships. Gaycupid is strict when it comes to posting photos too. You might find your account is banned if you show anything too explicit on your profile.

When you sign-up as a free member on Gaycupid you can create your photo-ad and browse around to see what’s on offer. Communicating is where things change though depending on what membership you have. If you’re on a free account, you can contact anyone – provided they have bought full membership. This means as long as either you or your buddy have paid, you can chat without restriction. If you want to swap contact details, such as email addresses or messenger handles, they only let you do that with a Platinum membership.

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Bicupid as you’ve probably guessed is for bisexual men, women and couples. It serves as a casual kind of LGBT hangout too. Bicupid’s been around for a number of years and it has always been a niche getaway from the bigger more commercial websites. They too have stricter moderation than Oupersonals (above). If you want to post anything too explicit you might get kicked-off.

There are two distinct groups of people on Bicupid. Firstly, you have those who’re bi (or gay/lesbian) curious. These kinds of members just want to chat and socialize and perhaps find out what their sexuality is. They use the forums or just chat with other members one-one one. On the other side you have a group who know what they’re looking for and go there to get in touch with people for casual fun or relationships.

There’s a dedicated mobile app too and that works out of the box.

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Pinkcupid is the sister site of Gaycupid. It’s made exclusively for women. What’s more it is for women seeking love, friendship, companionship or anything else with other females. Although small, Pinkcupid spans the globe. You can find female members in many countries, even where such relationships are taboo and forbidden.

The pricing and basic features are the same as for Gaycupid. That is, you can exchange messages with your friend, just so long as one of you is a paid-up member. Most other areas of the site can be accessed without locks. The exception to this is instant messaging, for which you need to be on at least a Gold account. On the plus side, searching is free, as is viewing someone’s photo album.

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Lastly, there’s PinkSofa. Also a place for lesbian women to hangout, Pinksofa is known for its busy chat forums. It’s a good place to ask questions on any LGBT topics you may have. The discussions might get a bit heated at times but by and large are non-judgmental and friendly. You don’t have to signup to use the forums either. Free members are allowed.

The dating area is conventional. You have a search box that lets you refine who you’re looking for on things such as location, age and precise sexual orientation (things get tricky here). To become a full member you’ll need to pay out the $30 membership fee (that is for one month). Until then, you can look but you can’t send out messages to people you meet there.

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