They say the ideal age gap in a relationship is 4-years, but many cougars aren’t listening. To find a cougar, you could go to a regular dating site and hope for the best.
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    12,000+ users, 25% women / 75% men
  2. CougarLife.comread more
    101,000+ users, 18% women / 82% men
  3. OlderWomenDating.comread more
    19,000 members, 40% women / 60% men
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These days, people have different wants and needs in a relationship, and sometimes an age difference can fulfill a certain basic need in both partners. We’ve all heard of the classic sugar daddy type relationships, where the man is much older than the woman.

Yet the other side of this is growing number of man-hungry, mature women, affectionately called cougars. Young-old relationships can be fulfilling, fun, and both sides often learn from experience – even if the relationship doesn’t last.

They say the ideal age gap in a relationship is 4-years, yet clearly many cougars aren’t paying much attention to this.

To find this type of relationship, you could go to a regular dating site and hope for the best. Alternatively, you could try one of the rising number of niche sites dedicated to age gap romances.

Here’s a run down of the most interesting I’ve found:

Agematch isn’t specifically for cougar style dating, it works for anyone who wants to date someone either much older or younger. Agematch is a bit top heavy with younger men – and in my view, many of whom are simply looking for a good time. Once you get access into the website, you’ll find that AgeMatch has a fairly sophisticated search. This lets you narrow down your choice by age range, distance from you, last online and so on. Usefully, the site also remembers people you’ve “checked-out” before, and if you choose, you can remove them from showing-up in future searches.

This is handy for narrowing things down, especially if there are lots of people matching your preferences. However, this isn’t normally a problem here. If I have one complaint about Agematch, it’s their smallish database of users. Even being a specialist site, I found there were only a few dozen people in my area – at least those who’d been active within the last 3 months.

Agematch have a pay to play policy where you must signup with their Gold membership to be able to access the crucial features on the site like email and chat. The guest account is a teaser in truth. It is irritating in that you’ll likely receive a lot of invites and messages from people – but until you buy full membership you cannot respond.

CougarLife has at least 100,000 active members by my reckoning, making them by far the biggest in this category. The typical “CougarLife guy” is in his twenties to early thirties and looking for one thing: a hot, experienced older woman. Most of the women on the site are thirty plus, but I did see some much older – forty-five and above. Strangely enough, there’s also quite a few younger women at CougarLife. Most of whom are non-Enlish speaking and look like they’ve signed-up by mistake, not really understanding the concept of the site.

CougarLife is fairly expensive. It works with a credit system. To start a conversation with someone you need to buy a credit package. To continue to chat, you need to buy more credits. The cheapest way to do this is to opt for the 12-month package, which works out at about $12 each month. If you go for a monthly renewal, that’s much more pricy at $40 per month. If you work through the actual cost, it works out just one tenth of the cost to go for the yearly plan. Of course, you need to be sure you can get that much use out of the site before deciding. is, in their own words, a website dedicated to bringing together older women, with “younger boy-toys“. They sell this idea in every corner of the website, with forums dedicated to users’ gossip about the latest “cougar conquests”, as well as articles in their blog.

OlderWomenDating is fully mobile ready, so you can browse it conveniently on your phone. There’s also an App that works both on the iPhone and Android.

The smartphone Apps have the basic functions of the website, plus they have some additions like telling you who’s close by (if you opt in).

Remember, women in this age bracket have seen it all and tried it all, so they’re not easily shocked.

There’s a private onsite messaging tool as well as a live chat if you prefer. The cost of accessing these is $29.95. That buys you Gold membership, and essentially unlocks everything on the site. You even get your own mentor, though I’m not sure exactly what they’re supposed to do!

Of the five, is in my view the most adult oriented of the lot. Then, you’ve probably guessed from the photo to the left! This website is geared-up towards casual, no strings dating. If that’s more up your street, then this is the one I’d go for.

It also has a very active user community of at least 66,000 members to choose from. Women on the site are aged between 35 and 60, while the men are considerably younger – many in their twenties. From the appearance and layout, it doesn’t feel as sophisticated as the others. In fact, it’s fairly run-of-the-mill. The search will tell you who’s nearby, and once you find someone who’s worth a closer look, the site will prompt you into taking out either the 3 day trial or opting for full membership.

The 3-day trial costs $7.95 so it works out fairly expensive. However it does let you see if the site’s worth committing to for a full month, which will set you back $29.95. It’s also fully functional on mobile. is a smallish site and not everyone there is looking for cougar style relationships. However. what’s in a name? I’ve included it here for one important reason. Compared to the others above, it has a much better proportion of men to women.

That means, by and large, men will stand a much better chance of actually meeting someone here. Of course, a lot of older women there want to meet someone their own age. But many are open to new experiences – that being the younger guy experience. Remember, women in this age bracket have seen it all and tried it all, you won’t exactly shock them by giving them a friendly nudge and asking them for a date. In fact, they’ll probably be extremely flattered. Isn’t that better than the response (or lack of) you’d get from the latest young hottie on Tinder or Match? Gaps,Cougars,Older Women.ds_block{ float:left; padding-right:20px; } They say the ideal age gap in a relationship is 4-years, but many cougars aren’t listening. To find a cougar, you could go to a regular dating site and hope for the best. • read more 12,000+ users, 25% women / 75% men ...Advice and Tips for Online Dating