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Dare to Date Abroad?

Exhilarating, yet trying.

Foreign romances can be both extremely rewarding and challenging experiences.

If you’ve ever had a beau or beauty from a country other than your own, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s excitement. It feels exotic. Somehow things seem different than in relationships with people from your native land.

You find yourself in awe over the small things. Sometimes it’s the cute accent. Sometimes the funny translations. And sometimes it’s just the way they continue to surprise you. Partners with a different mother-tongue often just keep coming up with thoughts and ideas that you may never have even contemplated. This is the good stuff. It’s what gives foreign romances that little something extra.

Yet differences can also translate into barriers. Without a common culture things can get tough, particularly in social situations. Take a typical evening out with a group of friends. If your sweetie is new to your country and language, it may be difficult for them to truly understand jokes, reminiscing or cultural references which are constantly made. Or, think about a trip to her/his parent’s house for the holidays. It can be awkward if none of you are able to communicate.

Things can get really hairy if you decide to marry. While the physical move from one country to the next may be a headache, immigration bureaucracy will definitely test your strength. Culture shock can also be very strong and put unanticipated negative stress on your relationship. And what if you decide to have children together? You may discover a new whole set of issues on which you and your partner vehemently disagree.

Making a foreign romance successful can mean a lot of extra work!

That said…’s well worth giving it a shot! – especially if you’re adventurous, tolerant and passionate about learning new cultures. Pairing up with someone from a different country provides a special opportunity to learn about an entirely new way of life. The more you become exposed to that other way of life, the more you develop your own knowledge and personality.

Keep in mind that just as meanings of love, romance, marriage, etc. vary across cultures, so may the motives for entering a relationship. I know plenty of folks who are happy with foreign partners for reasons other than so-called traditional ‘love’. A close friend, Steven, recently related just how happy he is for the incredible freedom he gets from his foreign wife. He says she (from Eastern Europe) is much more tolerant of ‘extramarital-ish’ behavior than women in his own society. And for him this freedom is really important. I have also spoken with women friends who say men from other cultures are attractive because they are much more passionate and attentive. For others, finances and visas are the real underlying motive.

Remember, there are lots of people living happy and exciting lives with foreign partners.
And you could too.

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Wising you lots of luck in love,
Veronika Cardes

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