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Don’t Pick Another Boring First Date Movie

Going to movies will never go out of style for dating.

Not only do you get to have an instant conversation starter, but it also allows you to have the perfect, low pressure date that will show him or her how great of a catch you are.

But you need to pick the RIGHT movie.

First of all, contrary to popular belief, the romantic comedies aren’t always the best way to go. Not only can they include high pressure romantic situations – which no first date needs – but they can also include a lot of sex and other uncomfortable scenes. And you never want to have an uncomfortable date that thinks that you’re thinking about what’s going on in the movie.

You need to pick something light and funny, but without anything that might make your date uncomfortable.

In short, you need to do your homework.

Before you head out to a date, you can always ask if there’s something that they might want to see. That always scores points and shows that you’re conscientious about their preferences.

If they’re not particular or they won’t give you any ideas, you might want to check out the local listings or the local reviews to see what all of the latest movies are about.

Things that you shouldn’t pick:

Of course, that sounds like it doesn’t leave much. But notice that ‘action’ isn’t on that list – here’s why.

Some action movies are actually quite interesting and smart as well as humorous. By combining all of these elements, you’ll have a great picture to talk about as well as enjoy. Spy movies tend to work well and they can include romantic plot lines – think Bourne Identity.

Or there’s always the slapstick comedy that might not be adored by your date, and in that case, talk about how horrible it was when the lights come back on.

That always makes for good conversation as well.

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