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Treat Your Dating Profile as a Job Interview

If there was a new job you really wanted, you wouldn’t show up half ready, would you? And isn’t finding the love of your life, or at least a person who wants to be, at least as important, if not more so? And for something that important, you would present your best resume, look your best and show off your best features.

Many people approach their dating profile as a last resort. They don’t use the mindset that this tool could be the most important way to finding future happiness. Sloppy headlines, offensive comments and spelling errors are only a few ways to turn prospective dates off before they even start. Here are a few tips to your online profile success:

Use correct spelling, proper punctuation and follow grammar rules! Instant messages and emails when you know someone better is the place to use witty and current abbreviations. Doing so now only makes it look like you can’t spell.

Snag a catchy headline – but for the right reasons. Don’t be crude, rude or offensive at first glance. No one likes hate mail, including you.

Fill out the about you section using the above points, and upload a current, well lit picture and you are almost ready to run.

Good luck!

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