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Are you having trouble getting any good bites on your profile? There could be any number of reasons why, from your picture to your description to your dream date themselves! Following is a series of tips to USE for your profile to increase the traffic and generate interest…in YOU!

Use a current, clear, well lit photo.

There is nothing worse than reading a creative headline only to click on it and find a dark picture. What do they look like? Could it be a match…in disguise?

Take the time to find a good picture. If you don’t have one, get a friend with a digital camera, or heck, even cell phones take good pictures now, and snap one off. Check it to make sure you are in focus, can be seen clearly in the light of day and not night and there are no obstructions to your face.

Having an outdated picture or one that is too dark, unfocused or too far away may take away potential matches. They might think you aren’t sophisticated enough to master a simple picture and give up when we know it isn’t true! Take a few minutes and check out YOUR picture. Is it up to snuff? Will it bring in hoards of girls or streams of guys? It should!

Next time: If you are overly picky with what you want in a match, you will get less results than you expect.

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