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Winning the Race

winning the race, interracial couple togetherWhen it comes to dating, you need to look around for the right person.

In fact, you might have certain ideas in your head as to just who the ‘perfect’ person is. And there used to be a time when people limited themselves by only dating from the same race. But times they are a changing.

According to recent online dating website surveys, it turns out that more Americans than ever are dating across racial and religious lines.

Why is this?

While it might not seem like it, the U.S. population is shrinking in terms of the dating pool – meaning that there are fewer people for everyone to choose from when it comes to dating.

And with those diminished numbers, people are realizing that they might be hurting their chances of finding love by limiting the race of those that they date. The evidence for this is clear.

Another reason?

It seems that the younger generations are more prone to experimenting when they date (not like that). They want to try new things when they’re young to see what all the fuss is about or maybe to defy some parental figure that’s criticized their behavior.

A Changing Trend

Dating services have not been slow to take up on this trend, for example White Women, Black Men, Interracial Cupid and Interracial Match offer dating and support forums for interracial relationships.

But hopefully that’s not the only reason to date!

America is becoming the melting pot that many believed it could be, and no other place showcases this trend more than online dating.

Because you’re able to reach so many more people, why not increase your chances exponentially of finding something with similar tastes by focusing on the person and not just their race?

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