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And They Call it Puppy Love?

While you might be interested in a match made in heaven, what about your pet? What about their needs?

Because many of us love our pets above all, we need to find a partner that understands Fido or Mittens. And the online dating world is beginning to respond to these needs.

Online dating sites like and are both designed to match like minded pet lovers up for love and pet companionship. They understand that single people with pets need to find someone who they can love, but also match up with in terms of their pet companions.

Because you want your relationship to start with long term expectations, you don’t want to introduce a pet to the situation at the last minute – and realize just how incompatible your living situations are.

That can spell doom to even the most loving relationship.

And it’s not that you prize your pet over love, but they have already been in your life for a long time. You have a strong bond with your dog/cat/horse/etc. and you want to respect that relationship as well.

With these kinds of online dating sites, you can show your pet appreciation and find others that share your feelings.

That is why they call it puppy love, not ‘it’s me or the puppy’ love.

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