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When Do You Talk Politics on a Date

Sure, the elections in the U.S. are over, but that doesn’t mean some people have turned off all political thought. In a world where liberal thinkers and conservative thinkers co-exist, there will most certainly come a time when you’re on a date with someone who is the complete opposite of you in terms of political opinion.

So, what happens then?

For some couples, they have successfully managed polar opposite political thoughts, enjoying the opportunity to be with someone who shows them the other side of the debate.

For others – if you’re not what they are, you might want to leave. NOW.

This is why it’s generally sage advice to avoid the political discussion until later in the relationship. You’re not avoiding the topic, but merely putting it on the backburner in order to focus on getting to know the person before knowing their ideals.

(And in truth, most people’s political colors will shine through, even if they aren’t mentioned.)

Of course, this does beg the question: do you dump someone just because they don’t agree with you? Seems a little silly when you put it that way, for certain, but just as with religion and babies, some ideals are deal breakers in relationships.

And if politics is one, you need to be upfront from the start. That way, you can both cast your ballots the way you want and you both find someone to love who believes in you as much as they believe in their opinions.

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