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To Date or Not to Date – Is There Even a Question?

When you’ve been around the block a few times, you might become a little gun-shy in terms of dating. And it’s no wonder really. If you’ve been away from the dating scene for a while, things have changed. A lot.

Is the Real You Good Enough

But that doesn’t mean you should just give up dating. Nope, there are plenty of perks to heading out and trying to see what the dating pool now holds – even if the waters are a bit murkier than you remember them.

It all begins with self confidence. The good news is that if you’re a bit older than the skinny blondes around you, you’re going to have a much better chance of snagging a guy than they are. After all, you’re interesting, you’re fun, and you know what you want.

Don’t believe this? Try out your charm on someone the next time you’re out.

Even if you don’t end up getting a date with them, it’s nearly guaranteed you will find a date that night. Honestly.

When you have self confidence, you will attract attention and attention turns into dates. Being yourself, while it seems to go against the ‘rules’ of dating, is actually something that works in your favor.

Sure, not everyone is going to like you, but you don’t want just anyone to like you, do you?

The good news is that if you don’t quite feel ready to commit, there are lots of apps and websites out there that let you test the dating waters slowly. Apps like Happn and Twindog are an ideal way to socialize if you live in or near a large city. Though if you want something more personal, Tastebuds is a great way to find people who share your interests in music and the arts.

So if you’re unsure as to whether you should date or not, maybe it’s time to simply jump out there, show ’em what you got and see what you can reel in.

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