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Is Breaking Up Really Hard to Do?

If you date, you will breakup with someone at some point. It’s not a pretty thing, but it’s reality. After all, if you don’t break up with someone, you’re simply staying in a relationship you don’t enjoy.

Or you’re marrying them. Here are some ways to make a breakup easier:

  1. Be quick – There’s no need to give a long and drawn out explanation for the reasons why you need to say goodbye. Just say it’s over, give a short explanation and walk away.
  2. Be honest – There’s no need to be mean, but you should always be honest when you break up with someone. Lying isn’t going to help them or you get over this transition any quicker.
  3. Be in public – Make sure you break up with someone when you’re out and about, not over the phone or over email. Those are cowardly and they can often be messages that are spread to others. Do it in person.
  4. Be kind – This is a person you though you could really care about, so think about how it would feel if the tables were turned. How would you want to be treated?

The reality of dating is that 99% of all your relationships are going to fail or they’re just not going to work out. So, breaking up is just a part of this cycle. And each breakup means you’re getting closer to the one that steals your heart.

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