Dating and Relationship Advice

Take a Tip or Follow Your Heart?

When it comes to online dating, it seems that everyone has an opinion. Some people tell you to be aggressive, while others tell you to be a bit more reserved. So who can you believe?

No matter who you talk to, you might want to think about online dating like any other goal in your life.

Think about what you want.
Figure out the action steps you need to take.
Then take them.

While the formula seems simple, and it is, the results aren’t as quick and as easy as some sites might have you think. And this is the main reason why online dating tips aren’t always as helpful as they seem.

And let’s be honest – they’re also pretty redundant after a while.

A better approach might be to not strategize about the way you are dating, but rather to be yourself and support the person you are and the person you want to be with. If you’re constantly trying to win someone else, you’re going to miss out on meeting up with someone who likes you for you – and not just for the person that you seem to be online.

So, should you take dating tips to heart? Maybe, but with a grain of salt. What seems to be reasonable, use; what seems to be useless, toss.

Now, get out there!

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