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Why You’re NOT Getting Asked Out Again

Why didn’t he/she call? You seemed to really hit it off, there was playful banter, even some touching and canoodling. So, why didn’t you get that call for a second date?

First of all, it’s probably not your fault. You just didn’t know the ‘rules.’ (No, not those other rules.)

Rule #1 – Don’t get too personal

While you might want to profess your entire life story to this new person, it’s not generally the best idea. So, leave the stories about your exes at home and try to talk about them instead.

Rule #2 – Don’t be rude

Always bring enough money to pay, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, don’t talk with your mouth open, etc. All of those manners that your mother tried to teach you? Use them. And don’t even think about arguing that ‘Well, this is just the way I am.’ It’s still rude and it’s certainly not going to win you any points.

Rule #3 – Don’t try to be crazy

Somewhere along the line, the idea that quirky = good got passed along to singles around the world. So, people began to try to be overly funny or weird as they thought it might appeal to a prospective partner.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Being odd, if that’s a part of your personality, is fine, but being weird for the sake of being weird – not so great. Leave your singing of the names on the menu and rhyming everything that you say at home, locked far away from sunlight.

Be yourself!

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