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Why Do People Fall in Love and Become Careless?

It happens so often, it seems like these kinds of stories shouldn’t even be making the headlines anymore: Homeless “millionaire” scams women out of £50,000 via online dating .

And what happens as a result? People get turned off to online dating because they think it’s just a dangerous thing to do.

This is not the whole truth.

Yes, when you don’t meet someone in person, you do open yourself up to a higher risk of getting conned or tricked, but the same can be done when you’re meeting others in real life.

So the real question is – what can you do to protect yourself in love?

Love may be blind, but it shouldn’t be. You need to make sure you are keeping your eyes wide open as you enter into a relationship. Anything that seems off or that just doesn’t seem right should be carefully scrutinized.

And maybe we just need to make this point abundantly clear – if you’re just starting to date someone, don’t give them a large amount of money, no matter how nice they seem.

Dating is about getting to know each other, not about getting money from each other. The red flags should be flying as soon as someone asks for more money than the bar tab you have rung up.

Run away from these con artists – and online dating doesn’t have to be scary at all. But you’re the one that needs to do the running away as these thieves are always going to be around because people continue to fall for their trickery.

Don’t be the next victim.

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