Confidence attractsRecently George Clooney was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for the second time. Clooney is not just a handsome man he is also a very confident man. Not surprisingly, his self-assuredness plays a significant role in making him even more attractive to women.

So what exactly is confidence? Where does it come from? And why are women so drawn to it? Confidence is a sense of belief in oneself. Those possessing it trust in themselves and their own abilities. Ultimately it’s something that comes from within.

Belief in yourself is vital
There are, of course, different kinds of confidence. Some guys are bold and loud. Others are quiet yet exude poise and control. Whether they draw attention to themselves or remain more humble, what they have in common is an air of strength about them.

They rarely doubt themselves. Women are drawn to these kinds of men because belief in oneself is extremely sexy. Where doubt indicates weakness, confidence shows strength. This self-confidence, however, is NOT to be confused with arrogance! Being self-assured is sexy being cocky is definitely not.

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence? At this point, you might be thinking… “Guys like Clooney were born lucky they have good looks so obviously they can be confident! But I wasn’t given that kind of luck. I’m not particularly handsome, so how could I possibly have that much confidence in myself?” If this is you then you’re missing out on something important.

The truth is that you can convince yourself to believe anything you want! If you think about it, you probably already know a number of guys who aren’t overwhelmingly attractive yet are able to get women simply because of the attitude they possess. Confidence is attractive.

Create a positive image of yourself
And confidence is all in your mind. So, why not convince yourself into it? Learn to believe in yourself. You can easily start building up confidence by examining your good qualities. Think about what you’re good at.

Ask yourself: what are the things people like about you? And begin focusing on these qualities everyday. Thinking about your attributes will help you create a positive image of yourself in your own mind.

  • No matter what you look like.
  • No matter how much money you make.
  • No matter who your friends are.

You MUST learn to believe you are great, or you’ll have a hard time convincing women just how wonderful you are. Unfortunately, it’s really easy for others to trash our confidence. One remark is often enough to make us feel as if we are nothing. But you have to learn not to let this stuff affect you. Remember, the vibe you give off when approaching women reflects how you’re actually feeling on the inside. So, do whatever you’ve got to do to improve how you feel about who you are! And women will pick up on it.

Visualize who you want to be
Visualize yourself as the guy you want to be. Take a few moments everyday and project yourself to the image of the confident man you wish to be. Close your eyes and use the power of your imagination to see yourself getting whatever you want.

Imagine yourself at a bar, a party or even at work. Then see yourself striking-up conversations with hot women who are all over you. Imagine you are standing tall, feeling bold and powerful. Concentrate on how easy it is to have these women pursuing YOU.

Ask others for their opinion
And don’t forget to ask the women in your life for opinions. Take advantage of the females around you to find out more about your good qualities. Whether it’s your mother, your sister or one of your close friends (if you have an ex-girlfriend that you are good friends with try her too!) Ask them what they think you have to be confident about. Find out why they think women would be attracted to you.

Of course what others say shouldn’t ultimately matter once you’ve truly learned to believe in yourself and trust in your ability to project that confidence. But, it never hurts to hear how great you are, especially when it comes straight from the mouths of women. Make improving your confidence a priority. Considering how crucial self-assuredness is to women, you should put in real effort to improve it. You can start by checking out online e-courses in for more ways to build yourself up.

Just remember: You CAN convince yourself to be anything you want.

If you want to be a confident man, then certainly you can.

taraSelf ConfidenceAttraction,Positive,Self ConfidenceRecently George Clooney was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for the second time. Clooney is not just a handsome man he is also a very confident man. Not surprisingly, his self-assuredness plays a significant role in making him even more attractive to women. So what exactly is confidence?...Advice and Tips for Online Dating